Student Housing


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SBMI Group is the largest 3rd party property manager of off-campus student housing in the San Diego State University area. Our student housing division focuses exclusively on high-occupancy single family houses in the SDSU area. Student housing is an attractive investment for residential investors seeking above average risk-adjusted returns. Student housing in the SDSU area will remain a growth market for the foreseeable future due to a record-high university enrollment rate and a historic housing shortage in the immediate vicinity known as the “college area” which is bounded by I-8 to the north, El Cajon Boulevard to the South, Collwood Avenue to the West and 68th Street to the East.

Owning and operating student housing has a unique set of challenges and obstacles to overcome:

  • – Navigating the complex, polarized political environment
  • – Neighborhood backlash
  • – Code enforcement
  • – Stringent parking enforcement

SBMI Group is deeply rooted in the college neighborhood and is committed to responsibly managing student housing by providing the growing student body safe, clean and conveniently located housing while focusing on quality of life considerations for neighbors and minimizing negative impact to the local community.

Behind every successful college area investment is a dedicated property manager who is passionate about their job and cares about all stakeholders. Your property manager balances multiple roles and we stay current on the ever-changing demands of the dynamic real-estate marketplace so you receive unmatched insight on your investment.


We advertise aggressively

We advertise aggressively & effectively by employing both online and traditional methods to maximize your property’s exposure. Prospective tenants will be able to view your listing through various channels such as 24 high-traffic sites including,,,,,,, and more. In addition, we provide professional on-site signage to capture street traffic, as well as conduct lease showings seven days a week. Most importantly, we make your property shine with eye-catching photography, which will completely change the way prospective tenants view your property.

The rental market in the SDSU area is very cyclical and operators have a brief window of opportunity to capture the tenants before the next semester as leases are signed for 12 month periods. It is through our deep operational expertise that we have systematized the prime dates and ideal methods to advertise your vacancies well ahead of lease roll in order to procure a tenant for the following school year.

We find the perfect tenant

Each college property has between 4-9 tenants so identifying cohesive groups is paramount to insure future success. We find the perfect tenant by thoroughly checking their credit, background, eviction, and criminal history. We know it’s not enough to just skim an application to qualify a tenant. Then, we personally verify all of the information on a tenant’s application by calling previous landlords and/or employers and if needed require co-signers. We understand how important it is to find a reliable and responsible tenant that you can trust with your investment. By taking proper precautions up-front, you minimize the chances for evictions and late rent payments while maximizing your chances for a long-term, mutually beneficial tenant/owner relationship.

We prepare your lease contract

We prepare your lease contract because legal paperwork can be a hassle and very time consuming. As experts in California Lease Agreements, we negotiate, prepare, and execute contracts on behalf of our clients. In addition to performing the regulatory requirements such as notarized affidavits and video-taped lease signings. This process is complex and time consuming as tenants are often times from various countries with different availability dates.

We ensure legal compliance

We ensure legal compliance with habitability and real estate laws and regulations. We understand California Landlord-Tenant laws and help mitigate fair housing-related lawsuits by adhering strictly to Fair Housing& HUD compliance.

We host an online tenant portal

We host an online tenant portal so tenants can submit maintenance requests easily and pay their rent on time. Say goodbye to rent payments getting “lost in the mail.” With our online payment system, tenants can set up auto-pay for a seamless experience. Inflexus Management knows it’s essential to provide quality and value to retain residents.


We number crunch

We number crunch so you know how your property is performing at a moment’s notice. Our full-time in-house accounting team provides you with easy-to-read, real-time owner financial statements.

We are your personalized banker

Every landlord wants to make sure their property is operating efficiently. Our accounting department handles all account payables and receivables, including monthly rent collections, security deposits, code enforcement fee assessments and maintenance bill pay. Accuracy and promptness is our number one priority.

We host an online owner portal

We host an online owner portal so you get a full picture about how your property is performing in real-time. View your current P&L, browse prior month’s operating statements, and receive your rent payments quickly with ACH.


We are you handyman

We keep the small jobs small. Our full time, in-house maintenance team keeps your maintenance expenses low and gets your repairs done fast. We know how important it is to conserve operational costs, but it’s also equally vital to invest wisely in improvements and promotions to attract new residents.

We know the right people

We know the right people for larger-scale jobs, we have long-standing relationships with local San Diego vendors and have negotiated bulk discounted prices to ensure they give us the lowest prices in the business.

We have common sense

Our goal with maintenance issues is to get them resolved quickly and on a budget. We have a logical approach when it comes to repair so we never nickel and dime you, and we always try to repair before we replace. Controlling expenses as a property owner is essential so we always evaluate whether the problem is a tenant or an owner responsibility upfront.

We are prepared for emergencies

We are prepared for emergencies when unexpected emergencies happen. It’s important to have an emergency services response because disasters like floods and fires can quickly affect neighbors. We come prepared to answer your calls, keep you calm, and send help out immediately, 24/7.


There is typically a 7-10 day window between prior tenants vacating and new tenants moving in. This short gap has a positive effect on overall occupancy but requires SBMI Group to have a rigid move-out inspection and turnover plan set in place well a head of time. We work diligently to perform pre-move out inspections and queue up necessary materials to efficiently turnover vacancies to be move-in ready.


We make tenants happy

We make tenants happy acting as a buffer between you and your tenant, handling all communication and all physical transactions. We build a rapport with your tenant so that you never have to worry and this starts with a move-in gift from SBMI Group after each lease is signed.

We conduct walk-throughs

We conduct walk-throughs of your property, completing all move-in and move-out inspections so that you can be confident your investment is protected. We also look for gas leaks, water leaks, and check the smoke detector and batteries.

We deal with the messy stuff

We deal with the messy stuff like posting late rent and eviction notices so you don’t have to. We always evaluate each situation and determine the best next steps, whether it be a “cash-for-keys” exchange, a “3 day pay rent or quit notice,” or a straight eviction. We also post all notices for tenants regarding late payment and notices to enter.

We maximize your rental income

We keep your property competitive by running rent comparisons on your property and increasing rent according to prevailing rental rates.

We Handle Regulatory Compliance

SBMI Group navigates the complex legal and regulatory obstacles to insure your property is operating within the proper framework. Our team has extensive experience with obtaining residential high occupancy permits (RHOP’s), permit B parking, confirming legal and proper room use and obtaining the necessary affidavits from tenants.