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SBMI Group’s commercial real estate division provides property management and asset management services for portfolio investors, high-net worth entities and institutional investors. Our tailored approach is based on a bottom-up, top-down outlook and has established us as a leading CRE platform throughout San Diego.
SBMI Group’s talented team of commercial real estate professionals possess extensive domain knowledge, expertise in project management, construction management, and lease negotiation. We understand the “barbell” between increasing yield and protecting the intrinsic value of your investment by mitigating large capital expenditure with detailed maintenance budgets and rigid adherence to established operating procedures.
Our full service asset management platform provides property owners with a turnkey management solution with reliable results and accurate reporting.
We focus on managing retail, office, free standing and mixed use assets.


We represent landlords

SBMI Group offers in house leasing services but also works with or can outsource to the leading landlord rep brokers in respective submarkets depending on the unique nature of the asset under management.

Advertise your vacancy

We advertise your vacancy to prospective tenants using digital and print mediums. Your property will be listed on our website, as well as on other high traffic sites such as, but not limited too,,, and in addition to prominent signage placed on-site. We also procure detailed floor-floors and utilize high definition walkthrough video and professional photography, which will completely change the way prospective tenants view your property.

Find the perfect tenant

We use a vigorous screening process for all prospective tenants because we want to make sure you get the best tenant in your space. We check credit, criminal history, evictions, financial backgrounds, business records, and references. By taking proper precautions up-front, you minimize the chances for turnover, evictions, and late rent payments, and maximize your chances for a long-term, mutually beneficial tenant/owner relationship.

Negotiate & Draft lease agreements

We will negotiate and draft your lease agreements using the proper legal documents, whether our custom AIR forms or your proprietary documents and work closely with legal council to ensure you are protected. Part of every lease negotiation is the trade-off between TI allowance, rent abatement and cash flow. We factor in your long term goals to effectively negotiate the most favorable lease terms for you and present the options on a fact based NPV analysis. Knowing the numbers takes the ambiguity out of the negotiation and typically yields ownership the highest potential return.


We ensure tenant improvements get completed on time and on budget. We have a track record of delivering possession before expected completion by leveraging our network of trusted contractors, architects and designers. We’ve spent years developing strategic relationships with ally’s and focusing on cutting costs. We will also procure necessary SNDA’s and Notice of Non-responsibility forms as needed.


Crunch your numbers

We provide comprehensive accounting services for your entire portfolio. Our three-tiered in-house accounting team provides you with easy-to-read, real-time financials so you know how your property is performing at a moment’s notice.

Collect rent

We collect rental income and all other tenant charges. We maintain a close relationship with your tenants so we can anticipate payment issues or other tenant defaults.

Financial reporting

We provide monthly and/or quarterly owner statements and distributions to keep track of your investments’ performance. Our detailed financial and owner statements make it simple to identify trends and benchmark financial performance of assets, particular suites over properties and over a defined period of time.

Year-end accounting

We provide year-end 1099’s and are happy to work with your CPA or internal accounting department to ensure proper reporting.

Vendor management

It takes a team to ensure your asset runs smoothly. Our accounting department sources all vendor invoices for A/P and audits them for accuracy protecting your bottom line.

Look into the future

We have the capabilities to provide detailed capital expenditure budgets and cash flow modeling of your asset. Use this to prepare for cash flow fluctuations or disposition opportunities.

Lending & finance

We work with your lender and capital partners to ensure prompt and accurate annual financial statement reporting and provide necessary data to meet loan covenant & conditions.


We reconcile common area maintenance (CAM), NNN charges and adjust yearend true-ups and/or true-downs ensuring you collect the revenues you deserve. In addition, we have the capability of doing pro rata distributions on portfolios.



We are the liaison between you and your tenant(s), service providers and vendors, mitigating confrontations and increasing operational efficiencies.


Our highly trained property managers tour your assets regularly, checking on tenants and ensuring proper grounds upkeep.

Cost containment

We source all vendor payments, check your financial statements monthly to identify any costs that run out of normal sensitivity ranges and perform efficiency checks on building systems.

Legal matters

We have close relationships with the leading real estate attorney’s with the ability to leverage them for your benefit. We resolve tenant disputes and have a track record for finding mutually beneficial outcomes¬ settling quickly and cost efficiently with financial prudence in mind.


We provide real estate advisory services, acquisition analysis and third party strategy opinion for our clients. Even the most sophisticated real estate investors have trusted advisors.