Acquisition Advisory

SBMI Groups acquisition advisory division was formed to provide select private investors a tailored solution to invest in real estate. Acting as your funnel to the real estate space our seasoned professionals have the domain knowledge, expertise and industry relationships to identify, structure and execute your real estate strategy. We navigate the complex real estate landscape for you so you only have one relationship to manage, SBMI Group.

Our goal is to help you invest with discipline and unlock value in your real estate investment.


  • 1. We work with you to develop a customized investment plan

    based on how you would like to allocate your capital and your preferred timeframe for recouping your investment.

  • 2.We source a flow of possible deals for you to consider

    by tapping into our extensive network of long lasting industry connections to develop a proprietary deal pipeline.

  • 3. We underwrite opportunities

    using sophisticated financial models and benchmark analytics.

  • 4. We negotiate deal terms and price

  • 5. We conduct extensive due diligence

  • 6. We draft a property level business plan

  • 7. We procure and execute architect and contractor agreements

  • 8. We manage the construction process

  • 9. We provide full service property management with accurate financial performance


SBMI Group is not a consultant nor do we replace real estate brokers in a transaction. We perform the necessary work to get deals done and work with listing and buyer brokers to ensure our competitive position.

Advisory services are performance fee based. Therefore, you own and control 100% of the asset.


Our acquisition advisory services are a value-add service catered to individuals who are either too busy to immerse themselves in the complex investment process or who do not have an appetite for passive syndicated real estate investments.


  • Multifamily

  • Office

  • Retail

  • Mixed Use


Acquisition Fee

SBMI Group earns a pre-negotiated 1% to 3% acquisition fee upon the successful close of escrow. Because we work with brokers to close deals for you, our compensation is on top of traditional deal fees. The magic of what we do for you lies in the fact that we are able to deliver assets at a lower basis, net of our fee, than the traditional investor can source or negotiate without our help.

Construction Management

We have in-house fund control and accounting to keep projects on budget and on-time. Construction management fees vary by project.

Property Management

Because every asset is unique, property management fees range between 5% to 7% per month of the gross collected rent.