Sell Your Property Management Company in San Diego

Sell Your Property Management Company in San Diego

by Jared Lamp

Say it a few times out loud and maybe you’ll believe it, but nevertheless you had the courage to build a property management business, see it through, and for whatever reason, you are considering selling your portfolio. How do you go about it? There are a lot of sharks out there and the last thing you want to do is see your baby become chum. But what if you didn’t have to relinquish total control but could man your vessel with the backing of a revolutionary sales strategy? In San Diego, property management is changing, and two millennial entrepreneurs are at the forefront..

Brandon Blum and Daniel Shkolnik laid their chips on the table when they purchased West Rental Management and rolled it all into one name — SBMI Group. “Property management works great in large scale,” Managing Partner Blum says. “We’ve learned that a property management company can become exciting at five-hundred units or more. Getting there is extremely difficult.”

Indeed. Getting there is where many fail, but Blum and Shkolnik have designed a system which infuses itself with 21st Century marketing and social media, something many property management companies are oblivious to. With the acquisition of West Rental Management and another company, the two are actively seeking out other established companies in San Diego looking to revamp their portfolios.

“In many cases you can come and work for us on a salary, and we’ll pay you for the portfolio and give you bonuses ongoing,” Blum explains on their acquisition philosophy. “By plugging your portfolio into our system, you can utilize our resources and focus all your time on bringing in business and managing it as opposed to being locked into all the responsibilities that go with it. That’s the advantage of working with us versus working by yourself.”

And just how do they intend to do that? Proprietary software, streamlined technology and databases, and the human factor: property managers who are the best at what they do and do it better than anyone else in San Diego.

“Inflexus would be honored to take on portfolios in San Diego,” Brandon Blum says. “Given our resources we’re confident we can give you a better price than anybody else on the market.”

Considering the sale of our property management company or portfolio? Call Inflexus today at (858) 332-2480 and ask for Jared Lamp.

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